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Police in Pollywood : Movie Review

Starring: Anuj Sachdeva, Raj Brar, Bhagwant Mann, Sunita Dhir, Sardool Sikander, Mohd Sadeek

Director: Sunita Dhir

Often brushed aside as garbage, the Punjabi films are now creating a niche in Pollywood. After Jat and Juliet the next good movie, a tragedy though, was titled as Punjab in 1984. The second movie was a real replica of the Punjab situation during terrorism which was finely balanced in its content.

The apparent theme of the film Police in Pollywood - Balle Balle which has been directed by Punjabi University Professor of speech and drama department Sunita Dhir and has been produced by Gautam Productions, is that the police may not hesitate making Punjabi films.

Police in Pollywood - Poster

The in question is a comedy, full of raw entertainment, well knit story with family ties and flooded with a variety of interesting episodes. The film stars Bhagwat Mann, Raj Brar, Sardool Sikander, Anuj Sachdeva (Hanni fame) and Mani Kapoor. Moreover, Mohammad Saddique and Labh Janjua are in guest roles.

This situational comedy has romantic scores by Jaidev Kumar whereas lyrics are written by Babu Singh Mann and Kumar. The film has an interesting screenplay with dialogues written by Baldev Gill. The story of the film is written by Parveen Kumar while the cinematography is by Inderjit Bansal.

Police in Pollywood Movie

Famous comedian Bhagwant Mann seems to be single handed holding the forte. His rustic delivery of Punjabi language creates ripples. In the mandatory love segment of the film, we meet two lovers who run away from home to get married. In a parallel segment, the police raids fetch Rs 12 crore of black money which was to be deposited din the exchequer. The police somehow loses the money to two unemployed youth. From here starts another segment of the story with guilty police officers attempting to generate Rs 12 crore for depositing in the public exchequer. The business of film making being highly profitable, the cops venture out to make a film which could generate the said amount.

The money is finally recovered in a comical situation where Commissioner of police suddenly bumps into the booty which was stolen by two youths. The money is second time stolen by the landlord of the house where two youngsters lived in a rented portion.

The Punjabi comedy has been beautifully portrayed. There are suitable songs which add pepper to the flick. Bhagwant Mann stands out as the hero of the movie who controls the stage for maximum time in the two hour film.

Police in Pollywood Movie

The film has good music, songs and dialogues. The technical part of the movie is well taken care of.

For a change the Punjabi comedy shows no nonse scenes. It is laughter which interupts the screen play of the movie.

In my view the comedy deserves 2.5 star.


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