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Bang Bang : Movie Review

Cast:Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Danny Denzongpa, Jaaved Jaffrey, Pawan Malhotra, Jimmy Shergill, Kanwaljit Singh, Deepti Naval

Director:Siddharth Anand

A good action movie keeps you on the edge of the seat till the climax. And it was well expected of Bang Bang, too.

Bang Bang movie poster

The movie is a story of Muslim terrorists headed by Omar Zafar (Danny Denzongpa) who don't want an extradition treaty signed between England and India as it empowers the agencies to get the criminals extradited without appeal or hearing within 72 hours of request.

Thus a plan is hatched to hire some Indian operative to steal Kohinoor diamond so that the hullabaloo accompanying would create misunderstanding between the two governments.

Bang Bang Hindi Movie

Rajveer (Hrithik Roshan) steals the Kohinoor - God knows how and ends up at Shimla to hand-over the same to the terrorists henchmen in exchange for 5 million dollars. The deal turns sour and Rajvir, somehow ends up dating Harleen Sahni(Katrina Kaif), an innocent bank receptionist, who's egged by her grandmother (Kamlesh Gill of Vicky Donor fame) to find a suitable match.

Bang Bang Hindi Movie

The commotion and drama follows where Rajveer has to drug Harleen to save her from the police and the goons as she's thought to be Rajvir's accomplice having been seen together in CCTV footage.

The movie has some good action sequences which though defy logics and sense. The movie follows some usual twists and turns before the obvious climax of all romantic action movies. 

Bang Bang Hindi Movie

During the storyline, one often gets confused whether it is the Interval or the movie as there are a lot of "on the face" advertisements flashed as a part of the plot.

The storyline follows some Bollywood twists and turns but over-all follows Knight And Day storyline, screenplay and dialogues to the Tee. And mind it, it's an official remake of Knight And Day and for that matter a very poor copy of it.

Bang Bang Hindi Movie

The chemistry between Katrina and Hrithik is missing. However, their smooch more than compensates for it. The role of Nirev Nanda (Jimmy Shergill) is very little to qualify review. Kamlesh Gill as Katrina's 'Dadi' takes the cake.

This movie can be sure given a miss if one has watched Knight And Day. If it's better than the original, it's on account of Hrithik's body and Katrina's beauty!


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