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Mad about dance Movie Review

Cast: Saahil Prem, Amrit Maghera, Salah Benlemqawanssa, Akhilesh Unnithan, Raashul Tondon, Abhishek Saha

Director: Saahil Prem

A big dance fan?? If yes! then you might find the film a little worthy but if by any chance you are not then I suppose this is not the film you would wish to see! The first half of the film is relativity slow but in the second half the film seems to pick up the pace, withal, Salah's performance does add stars to the climax.

A film about passion for dance, rejections, friendship, and about achieving your dream, Sahil has not only acted, directed and written the film but he has also worked on the music of the film with Dr Zeus. The film does highlight few social aspects like dysfunctional family, racism etc. but the main plot of the film revolves around an Indian amateur dancer fly's aboard to meet his dance idol and join his crew.

'Mad about dance' Movie

The movie starts with Aarnav (Sahil) an amateur dance, sitting in a bank for getting his loan sanctioned as he wants his dance crew to participate in an international dance competition and represent India. But when bank informs Aarnav that due to some reservations they won be able to grant him loan! That is when he hits into to flashback... (I must warn you! almost 99 per cent of film runs in flashback)

So, (flashback) Arnav came to Sheffield, UK to meet his dance idol Ceaser, and join his dance crew, whereas his parents think their boy is in UK to get MBA degree. In his journey to achieving the goals Aarnav makes some very good friends (you know the true Indian friends) which includes all Richie Rich Punjabi boys to hard working and ambitious South Indian boys.

Getting back to the movie Arnav initially struggles to meet his idol but apparently when he gets a chance to meet him Arnav fails.. However Aashira (Amrit) (Indian girl who is not so proud of being one) who is a back dancer in Ceaser's crew gets her eye on Arnav.

Sahil Prem's curly tress if I may say would definitely catch your attention, and Amrit Maghera's 'Yeah' after every line, emphatically would get clutched into your head!

Arnav along with his friends and his love Aashira form own dance crew (strictly Asians) and have a face off with Ceaser's crew to which they lose again.. With a little bit of drama and dance the movie moves further (rather the movie moves at a snails pace) and Arnav's dance crew plans another face off and participate in the ultimate dance off challenge and guess what they wins the challenge!! yeaaahh!! (I mean not technically he has a tie- with Ceaser's crew) Nevertheless he and his crew proves Ceaser that they can dance!

Ishq da bukhar song of 'Mad about dance' Movie

The movie has a few another plots too like a boy who struggles to get admission in a college for MBA , a rebellious girl who regrets her father walking out on her family, a boy who had come to Sheffield to become a dancer but fails achieve his dream, etc. The film has impressive dance but it fails to keep up the interest and becomes incredibly slow towards the mid.

But listen up if you walk out in the middle of the film, I am sure you will miss out the best part of it which is AJ's (Salah Benlemqawanssa) performance.. which is the climax! I wish we could have seen more of him in the film as he just mesmerizes the audience with his exemplarating moves. The film could not have a better ending!

It seems to be that it was Sahil's dream project as he did a decent job as an actor, director, music director, writer and choreographer. But we feel he had to much on his plate and was unable to do give a perfect finish to the film. We could see a little loop-holes in his dancing on screen, and the female lead Amrit Maghera needs to seriously polish her acting skills. Alas! Our verdict on the film **1/2 stars (Salah's incredible dance moves in the end, earned one star)


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