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Creature 3D : Movie Review

Cast: Bipasha Basu, Imran Abbas Naqvi, Mukul Dev

Director: Vikram Bhatt

Alright as I entered the theatre and I had no high hopes for the movie but then I thought it's Bipasha Basu and Vikram Bhatt's movie (the Raaz duo) so obviously I wont be disappointed! But to my horror, the acting was more scary that the creature himself and the story, I wish I had the last holy bullet (read along and find out) to shot myself for watching the movie!!

Creature 3D Movie poster

So the story revolves around a girl Ahana (Bipasha Basu) who has moved from Mumbai to Himachal to open a boutique hotel (close to a jungle) on a Christmas eve, apparently as the guest start pouring in one by one things start hampering, to start with the truck traveling goods to the hotel gets attacked by a 'human-lizard'.

Kunal (Imran Abbas Naqvi) who ostensibly is a guest at the hotel, but Bipasha mistakes him with the musicians who are suppose to perform in the evening. The story lingers on by numerous attacks and killing which includes the newly wed couple, a chef etc.. The officials however consider a tiger or a leopard responsible for the act.

Creature 3D Movie

In between the entire horror episode where people are getting killed Ahana and Kunal fall in love, Kunal try to help Ahana and calls for help. His friends come to the hotel and kill the leopard! And the merry making starts!! But (the dumb rolls) as every one is comfortable and enjoying the evening the 'human-lizard' returns and everyone witness the creature!

Bipasha Basu Creature 3D Movie

Flashback- Ahana has left Mumbai after her father committed suicide due to some Builders 'Dadagiri', the builder tortured her father to sell the house and when he refused because he was emotionally attached, the gundas emotionally and mentally torture him leading him to suicide. Her psychiatrist warns her that she might have suicidal genes (eh?) so she needs to be strong!

Creature 3D Movie

Ok! Ahana decides to stay back and fight the 'Human- lizard'. And obviously the love stays back too. A professor (Mukul Dev) comes to the hotel as a savior and saves the couple,however the professor claims to have read a lot about the creature. The professor enlightens everyone with 'Human-lizard's' identity as 'Brahma- -Rakshasas' who was cursed by lord Brahma for his wrong deeds. The creature survives on human blood and flesh and the irony is that the more he eats the more hungry he gets.

Creature 3D Movie

The movie has such an illogical storyline that trust me you would rather sleep at home easy and cozy in you bed rather than watching this movie and sleeping on the theatre seat! And to be honest I did see people sleeping in the theatre.

No seriously what were the makers thinking when they made this movie the story in brief is like 'they sent a girl to a jungle, she opens a hotel, she finds her love, who later turns out to be the reason for her fathers suicide, a weird - 3rd grade version of Hollywood creature called 'Brahma- -Rakshasas' blood thirsty demon tries to ruin her hotel and kill everyone around, the demon is cursed by lord Brahma, as informed by the professor himself!

Creature 3D Movie

And in the end the damsel shots the human-lizard when the last bullet is left, which had been soaked in holy water (now you get 'Holy Bullet' ) from the 'Praachien Brahma Temple' and kills the creature! Woh! Lord save me! I praise the lord for helping me to bare the torture and stepping out of the theatre alive!

My verdict - Bad acting, hapless storyline, and 3D effect, I guess I should not even talk about it! For me the movie scores one star.


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