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Hate Story 2 : Movie Review

Cast: Surveen Chawla, Jay Bhanushali, Sushant Singh, Neha Kaul 

Director: Vishal Pandya 

When the Paoli Dam and Gulshan Devaiah starrer Hate Story made it to gossip vestibule, way back in 2012, it within no time started soaring the mercury. Be it the aphrodisiac coefficient or the vengeance quotient pertaining to a maimed damsel. Everything about that revenge saga full of erotica was somewhat worth appreciating. And probably it was this legacy of the prequel which somewhere down the line coerced the makers of the movie to return to the cine arena with a naamgenoot sequel "Hate Story 2".

Hate Story 2 Movie poster

But unlike it's prequel where the playwright knitted the entire anecdote around the core of a girl's vengeance, who after being betrayed in love turns vindictive. This time the story is altogether different where a gaolbird dame after trampling of her dreams by his tormentor decides to avenge for the same. 

After seeing the trailers and first looks at the nascent level of movie's promotion, it was not arduous for anyone to understand that just like its prequel even "Hate Story 2" is going to be a pert carnal delight full of erotica along with thrill. And thanks to some of the erogenous sequences featuring movie's leading protagonists Surveen and Jay, which makers unveiled in the recent past, that at its opening movie conveniently succeeded in securing a decent foot fall. The movie despite having a trite premise opened with an occupancy around 53 percent at the multiplexes. 

Hate Story 2 Movie

Anyhow, before going into the intricacies of the "Hate Story 2 " let's acquaint you about the premise first. Narration of "Hate Story 2" primarily pertains to a girl Sonika (Surveen Chawla) who is the mistress of a high profile mattoid politico-picaroon, Mandar Mahatre (Sushant Singh) who has confined her in order to satisfy his libidinal satiety. With plot proceeding ahead Sonika falls in love with his photography class companion Akshay (Jay Bhanushali).

But things get worse than the worst when the obsessive inamorato, Mandhar gets a vestige of Sonika's ongoing pleasure jaunt and in order to teach her a lesson he gets Akshay brutally slaughtered. After witnessing such a huge loss because of Mandhar, Sonika decides to avenge the killing of Akshay. So what follows next? To know watch Vishal Panday's erotic revenge saga "Hate Story 2".

Hate Story 2 Movie

Undoubtedly revenge sagas irrespective of their broadcast mediums are a hot favorite among the Indian masses. And when they are knitted around the agony of a wounded women, who is as desperate and uncontrollable as wild fire to settle the score with her tormator, then the engrossing appeal multiplies tremendously. But alas! nothing of this sort happens with "Hate Story 2".

As far as premise of "Hate Story 2" is concerned then I would like to make it clear right at the onset, that don't expect anything new in this a revenge saga of a tormented woman, which has nothing great or thrilling and is full of those "Deja Vu" blows which you have already seen N number of times before in cine flicks like 'No Morire Sola', 'Thelma & Louise of west and in Bolly flicks like "Khoon Bhari Maang", "Bandit Queen" and even the "Hate Story".

Hate Story 2 Movie

And besides, what adds to the faded appeal of the "Hate Story 2" is that ZERO LOGIC phenomenon. In fact I don't have any compunction in saying that this erotic vengeance cine chronicle of, Vishal Panday could have been far better had he paid more attention in developing a more engrossing content driven plot, instead of banking up the wheels of eroticism and violence.

Although in the initial part of first half movie seems to be settling down well, but as soon as the first 30 minutes of the movie pass-by the entire story-line starts looking like a repetitive cycle of stodgy events, thoroughly lacking that believable intensity and appealing potency. So in nut shell premise of "Hate Story 2" is nothing more than a "run-of-a-mill" kind of story, painted on the big screen. In-fact it won't be wrong to say that with this half cooked story the makers of movie leaves responsibility of searching for the missing links totally at the intellectual-discretion of the viewers. 

Hate Story 2 Movie

Well even on screenplay front "Hate Story 2" looks nothing more than a faltering vessel. Although in case of "Hate Story 2" back and forth shift of the plot is one of the most desired element to make viewers connect with the movie, but even that swing between present and past is so ill crafted that after a particular point of time it starts looking monotonous and distracting. Even if we talk about the erotica coefficient which we can say is the USP of this prurient revenge-saga then even that looks so dull that you don't even feel like keeping your attention glued to the celluloid. Besides it's the unpremeditated embedding of the songs in the plot which conspicuously acts like spoil-sport. DoP of Kedar Gaikwad is somewhat better than his other cinematic counterparts, whereas editing of Kuldeep Mehan looks like a total haywire affair least bit concerned about the quality of end product.

If we talk about music of "Hate Story 2" then except the rehashed version of 'Aaj Phir Tumpe Pyaar Aaya Hai' none of the songs of the movie succeed in leaving any long lasting impact. "Pink Lips" song featuring Sunny Leone looks totally obtruded just to add another curiosity inducer to the movie. 

Hate Story 2 Movie

About performances it won't be wrong to say that the movie entirely belongs to, Surveen who has undergone a stunning transformation from a demure girl next door to a kick-ass and bindass drool-worthy chick. Although her performance was nowhere near to that of Paoli Dam, and 'at some places' looks somewhat constrained but for that it will be more apt to blame those sitting behind the camera who failed in extracting the desired level of perfection from this otherwise exceptionally talented actress.

Despite being the male lead of the movie Jay Bhanushali barely had anything much to do (except a few songs and seductive scenes) and whatever was assigned to him he up-till some extent fails in doing justice to that too. But the man who up-till some extent succeeds in emerging as a grace saver of a sort is, Sushant Singh who carries the tyranny and ruthlessness politico-picaroon with utmost dexterity. Though even charisma of Sushant's performance starts losing its potency (where he was made to exhibit a psychotic fear of Surveen), but again you know whom to blame for that too. Rest of the star cast comprising Siddharth Kher, Neha Kaul are just OK.

Hate Story 2 Movie

To sum up, after seeing so many conspicuous flaws prevailing in every cinematic department of "Hate Story 2" I am going ahead with 1.5 star for this shabbily crafted cine chronicle which looks nothing more than a stodgy applesauce decorated with mild prurience sans any thrill to allure you.


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