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Aa gaye munde uk de : Movie Review

Cast: Jimmy Shergill, Neeru Bajwa, Binu Dhillon, Gurpreet Singh Guggi, Rana Ranbir, Navneet Nishan, Om Puri and Guggu Gill, Rana Ranbir

Director: Manmohan Singh

'Aa Gaye Munde UK de' sequel of the 2009 punjabi hit film 'Munde UK de'. The film is a buoyant rom-com with a very banausic storyline. Thought he film has a very strong cast the director of the film Manmohan Singh however failed to give us a breezy love story.

The story revolves around a boy Roop (Jimmy Shergill) who falls in love with Disha (Neeru Bajwa) it was love at first sight. Roop and Disha belong to the same city almost with the same background and education, all in all they were match made in heaven or I mush say as per 'Roop'. As Roop had only seen Disha's photograph at a marriage bureau run by DJ aka Jugadhi (Gurpreet Ghuggi) who was also Roop's best friend.

'Aa gaye munde uk de' Movie

Where on the other hand Disha's father Dilip Singh Dhillon (Om Puri) dreams of marrying his daughter to a NRI. according to him NRI were more educated, classy, sophisticated, etc. whereas the local boys according to him didn't stand a chance to marry his beautiful daughter. On the other han Roop had fallen head over heals for Disha and wished to marry her.

Jugadhi steps in to help his love-struck friend Roop and advises him to act like a NRI, however Roop's disguise as 'Munde UK de' helps him win his to be bride Disha and her father's heart. But the story takes a drastic turn when Disha introduces Roop to her UK returned friend and the truth comes out. Disha finds out that Roop is not a NRI and had been lying to her all this while, the entire episode leave her heart broken.

Roop on the other hand tries to explain Disha that the motive behind his lie was his true love towards her. After a lot of persuasion Disha understands Roop's love and emotions and forgives him. The two decide to continue the lie and introduce the two families which is not an easy task as Roop needs to introduce his family as an 'NRI family' not 'Punjabi Family' he would have to manipulate his family to be a part of his plan, whereas on the other side Disha had to tackle her father and tell him the truth.

'Aa gaye munde uk de' Movie

The entire film revolves around this subject, the film has its fun, frolic, traditional values, romance, etc but some how it does not convince us as a refreshing story! The cinematographer Nazir Khan has done full justice to his work also the direction by Manmohan Singh is commendable, it surely shows his experience. 

All the actors from Jimmy Shergill, Neeru Bajwa, Binnu Dhillon, Gurpreet Singh Ghuggi, Rana Ranbir to Navneet Nishan all have done full justice to their role. The sound track in the film are melodious and catchy. All in all the film is a good dose of entertainment which one can enjoy with family. Our verdict on the film.


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