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Mastram was finally cleared by the CBFC with only two minor cuts.

Barely 48 hours before release Akhilesh Jaiswal's bio-bic on Hindi hot writer Mastram was finally cleared by the Censor Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) with only two minor cuts.

Much relieved producer Sunil Bohra says, `They cleared our film with just two minor cuts, a visual and an audio one.`

Apparently the CBFC wanted the word 'badjaat' to be beeped out, which the makers of Mastram happily did.

Says the relieved producer. `Until Tuesday we were not being given a censor clearance. I had started wondering if we'd be able to release our film on time! We finally got what we wanted . We were sure we wanted an hot certificate. We also knew there was nothing sleazy or vulgar about our film.`

If there is nothing suggestive or vulgar in Mastram why all the provocative tantalizing publicity?

Defends Bohra, `Have we shown any bold or hot in our publicity? We needed to get audiences interested. But we never intended to make Mastram look like a cheesy film. Sadly even the censorboard misunderstood the film's intentions. Let me clarify Mastram is a film men can watch with their wives without squirming ...or squirting.`

Rahul Bagga who plays the title role adds, `The censor clearance with just two minor cuts endorses our intentions behind making this film. Mastram is not a cheap hot-driven film. Our intention behind making this film was not to offend society's sentiments. To presume that a film about the life of a hot writer would be hottie is as fallacious as to presume a film about Valmiki would be a mythological. The man and his art are two separate themes for cinema.`

Then Bagga adds mischievously, `Cum, enjoy!`


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