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La La La (Brazil 2014) - Shakira's World Cup Anthem

With less than a month left for one of the biggest and most sought after sports gala of the world i.e. FIFA 2014, sports enthusiasts are anxiously preparing themselves to make this occasion one of the unforgettable moment of their lives. 

But it's not that, only fans are eagerly waiting for this grand fest, even some of the ace performers of West like JLo, Pitbull and Shakira too have dabbled themselves into the heat of this soaring fever to make it one of the most memorable event of their lives.

Well, probably many of you die-hard fans of soccer may be thinking that you will be seeing the biggest rivals taking-on each other on the soccer field, but let's enlightened you about another brewing rivalry between ace western pop performers Shakira, Pitbull and JLo who in order to get their presence and contribution noticed to FIFA have come up with their own signature styled aural-offerings, La La La (Brazil 2014) ft. Carlinhos Brown and We Are One (Ole Ola) respectively, in order to get maximum out of this massive fiesta. 

Anyhow as it's too early to prophesies that who is going to emerge as the winner of FIFA 2014, same rule holds true for the ongoing war of Shakira and Pitbull, but at the end of the day all we can say is who cares till the time fans are getting that satiating dose of entertainment.

So all you die hard fans of FIFA, Shakira and Pitbull forget about the "rivalry part" and gear up for the gala event, but before that enjoy the stupendous musical delights of Shakira and Pitbull which they have specially dished out to add to the excitement of soaring FIFA craze.


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