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'Heropanti' : Movie Review

Cast: Tiger Shroff, Kriti Sanon, Parkash Raj, Sandeep Dhar, Vikram Singh, Samar Jai Singh

Director: Sabeer Khan

Heropanti is a launch pad of Tiger Shroff, the son of Jackie Shroff. As the title of the movie suggests, it includes the words 'Hero' as papa's movie with the same name was a roaring success.

Beyond the name, there's no similarity and it's sad that an experienced actor of Jackie's calibre chose to launch his son with not so successful Director in Sabeer Khan.

As even the promos suggested, the movie is all about the chiseled body of Tiger Shroff. And the producer didn't leave any stone unturned by building up a huge hype for this movie.

The movie is a remake of Telugu film titled Parugu. According to the story line, Chaudhry (Parkash Raj), a Haryanvi Jaat has two daughters Renu (Sandeep Dhar) and Dimpy (Kriti Sanon). Renu, the elder daughter elopes with her boyfriend Rakesh, the day she's supposed to be married to a boy of family's selection. Thus, she brings disgrace to the family and the village Khap Panchayat is shocked at the incident.

Dimpy bears the brunt of her elder sibling's actions. She is not allowed to go out of the house and her education suffers because of this reason.

The story takes a twist when Bablu (Tiger Shroff) along with his two friends, being Rakesh's close buddies are abducted by Renu's family. The story pans out as Bablu was smitten by Dimpy in earlier encounters. Another love story ensues but this time, the lovebirds decide to impress the father instead of eloping as as not to increase the agony of Dimpy's father.

Critically examined, the story is a mix of masala which the youth might relish due to good action sequences and dances routines thrown in. Otherwise the movie is as bland as Western food for the Indians.

Kriti Sanon has marvelous acting skills but her role is tertiary. It does not allow her to exhibit her talent. Her looks and acting would ensure a lot of roles in times to come.

It being Tiger's debut performance, nothing much can be written about it except for his sincerity in building his body and learning dance moves. Good action scenes coupled with successful dance sequences would carry this movie for the newcomers.

A better script and a good direction could have made this movie a hit!


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