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Movie Review: 'Bhootnath Returns' is more about election, than entertainment

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Parth Bhalerao, Boman Irani, Sanjay Mishra

Direction: Nitesh Tiwari

With electoral heat scorching the Indian summers, it looks like shade of this ongoing political spectacle taking place in this part of the world has also doused the Bollywooders. Where by one or the other mean our cinematography giants are trying their level best to harness the benefit of this brawny tide.
Well it is not for the first time that some of our cine wizards have tried to cash upon the cinematic idea pertaining to the plight of common man and a corrupt political system. So far what we have witnessed on the big screen is the rising of an Aam Aadmi, or a cluster of socially awakened individuals, against the crumbling corrupt system having a brigade of tainted power hungry politicians.

But this time with "Bhootnath Returns", Nitesh Tiwari has tried to slightly deviate from the above mentioned, tried and tested formula and instead of an Aam Aadmi has brought in the Bhoot of an "Aam Aadmi" to uproot the anomalies of crooked political structure. 

It's a set trend now to mark the onset of sequels from the point where the previous edition of the movie marks its culmination, so is the case with "Bhootnath Returns". As the premise of "Bhootnath Returns" unfurls it showcases the return of Kailash Nath aka Bhootnath (Amitabh Bachchan) in the red tapism ridden Bhoot World. But on reaching there our lovable Bhootnath finds that, he has turned into a butt of jokes for his fellow ghosts, because of his inability to scare a young kid (as shown in the prequel). After taking this humiliation of a sort on face Bhootnath decides to liberate himself from this derision and returns back to materialistic world to scare the kids. 

But soon after his arrival he realizes that scaring the younger generation is as tough as cracking metal beans with one's jaws. While searching for some easy prey he becomes the friend of a bold slum kid Akhrot (Parth), the only person who can see him. With frames rolling ahead the steps in the corrupt local leader Bhau ( Boman Irani), with whom Bhootnath and Akhrot lock horns. And on Akhrot's insistence Bhootnath files a nomination in upcoming election in order to impose a pause on Bhau's corrupt practices. So what follows next? does Bhootnath returns to Bhoot World or is it Bhau who loses the battle to know watch, "Bhootnath Returns".

As far as story-line of "Bhootnath Returns" is concerned then I don't have any qualms in saying that it's not a mandate that if any cine idea has a mesmerizing onset or a captivating prequel, then it is bound to have a pleasing culmination and sequel too. With a somewhat novel idea in his hand certainly, Nitesh has tried to refrain from the conventional idea of storytelling which such kind of cine flicks usually have. But this attempt of his of keeping everything uncomplicated has adversely effected the influencing potency of the movie. Probably the behind this exercise of keeping intricacies at bay was to target the youngest lot of viewers, but even this perspective of "Bhootnath Returns" boomerangs for the plot, ultimately making it a somewhat over-preachy and demotic affair that too while being too complex to comprehend even by its targate audience.

Undoubtedly when Bhootnath returns marks its onset it gives you a flicker that, either it is going to be a hilarious joy ride or at least a warm and mesmerizing cine tale decorated with propitiating emotional value. But contrary to your expectations after taking off with entrancing magnificence and maintaining an enticing charm especially in the first half the premise of "Bhootnath Returns" nosedives into the quagmire of melodrama, while being didactic about relevance of voting and common man's contribution to democracy ( a phenomenon too distant for young kids to comprehend).

Although storyline of "Bhootnath Returns" is thoroughly novel with a righteous message to communicate underneath it, but in the dearth of some relevant aromas like hilarity coefficient and concrete socio-political message to communicate (which maker intended to) it flunks in attaining what it premeditated to. 

In nutshell despite having a groundbreaking premise and presence of acting icon like Big B Bhootnath Returns in leaving an enthralling impact on the viewers. 

Even in the screenplay department "Bhootnath Returns" looks no less than a sin committed by its creators. Though the team of screenplay artisans of "Bhootnath Returns" led by Nitesh have not left any stone unturned in creating a an authentic milieu to attest the credibility of onscreen proceedings, but at the same time they forgot to plug the in going vent to prevent the intrusion of melodrama. 

And besides what makes "Bhootnath Returns" a run of a mill kind of affair is its length which further adds to the discomfort of the viewers. 

On the cinematography and editing front Kamaljit Negi along with Chandrashekhar Prajapati has definitely tried to garner every de rigueur info, but have looked oblivious about the rule that while huddling the gems one can avoid culling the pebbles at will. 

And if we specifically talk about loose editing, the unsatisfying work of Chandrashekhar takes its toll by making "Bhootnath Returns" an overstretched, over-dramatic dreary saga.

With humdrum kind of musical ditties like "Party To Banti Hai", even the music of "Bhootnath Returns" is an absolute mediocre and forgettable affair which gratuitously adds to the length of the movie. 

Before going ahead with the performances of the leading protagonists of the movie it is pertinent to mention here that this is the only which does some grace saving job for the movie.

After seeing Big B Amitabh excelling in diverse range of roles in his decades longs career by now we have become quite habitual of seeing him astonishing viewers with his sterling performances. So is the case with his adorable acting stint in Bhootnath Returns where he once again has proved that he undoubtedly is the star of the millennium.

On the other hand it's young and confident, Parth Bhalerao who exceptionally takes care of other end. But the thing which keeps you spellbind through the runtime is the stupendous camaraderie of these two. Despite a chopped screen appearance Boman as shrewd and corrupt politician is remarkable. Supporting cast comprising of Brijendra Kala, Usha Jadhav, Usha Nadkarni,Sanjay Mishra is just OK. 

To sum up, with an out of the box kind of story idea beneath it and a righteous spirit at its core "Bhootnath Returns" tries to communicate a noble message to its viewers, but in the absence of some necessary toppings which are genuinely required to take care of entertainment coefficient and presence of some unwanted elements like melodrama and over peachiness, it ends up being a mediocre kind of movie. 

But yes, if you are a diehard Big B fan and want to see him excel once again on the big screen and can compromise on entertainment front, then go for "Bhootnath Returns". And on the basis of overall appeal of "Bhootnath Returns" I am going ahead with two and a half star for it.


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