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'The Bikini Was My Idea, Not Aditya Chopra's,' Says Saucy Sonam

You'd think that Sonam Kapoor is only carrying forward the illustrious Yash Raj legacy by getting into a bikini for Bewakoofiyan. After all, we've seen any number of Yashraj heroines from the old Sonam in Vijay(1983) to today's Sonam Kapoor in Bewakoofiyan don the bikini.

But Sonam springs a saucy surprise by saying the bikini was her idea. `It wasn't the producer Aditya Chopra or the director Nupur Asthana's idea that I wear a bikini. In fact the director suggested a one-piece bathing costume. But I thought a bikini was fine .If you see the trailer there are two young people going for swim. It's perfectly natural for the girl to be in a bikini. It's not Halle Berry in a James Bond film or Bipasha Basu in Dhoom making a splash. The bikini blends naturally into the scene.And I am very happy to be wearing one.Having a female director around helped. But I wasn't really tense about wearing a bikini.`
Sonam's father Anil Kapoor has apparently said that Sonam's bikini shot would get Bewakoofiyan a good opening.

Sonam completely refutes any such statement from her father. `My father never said that.All that I said at a press meet was that my father feels the film would get a good opening.That statement found itself bonding with the bikini in the newspaper headlines. I've realized I have to be very careful in what I say. I speak my heart out.Such honesty is not appreciated in the film industry. Instead it is twisted and distorted.A lot of what I say is lost in translation.`

Sonam is very happy to have done a frothy feel-happy film like Bewakoofiyan . `Finally! I've been doing too many intense films from Saawariya ,Delhi 6 , Mausam and last year there was Raanjhanaa and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. After doing Bewakoofiyan I realized I hadn't done any conventional films at all.`

Bewakoofiyan helped Sonam to relax. `I needed to unwind, just have fun doing a role.Also, some of my films have taken longer to be completed than usual. This one took only 40 days to shoot.It wasn't a marathon race but more like a quick run . It was chicken soup for my soul. It was a very easy smooth slip-in-slip-out kind of shoot.I never realized when we started the shooting and when it ended.`

The other factor that Sonam found relaxing in Bewakoofiyan was the rom-com format. `I had two heroine-centric films Khubsoorat and Dolly Ki Doli lined up. Before I went into these films where I had to shoulder the film's weight,I needed to do something where both the leads had equal responsibility to share. Bewakoofiyan was liberating.`

The film's sensibility is very close to Sonam's personality. `Bewakoofiyan is a frothy American rom-com kind of film about urban kids.Since both Ayushmann and I are urban youngsters it was relatively easy for us to identify with the situations in the script.`
Remind her that Ayushmann is from Chandigarh which is not that urbanized a background and Sonam protests, `Oh, you'll be surprised at how urban Chandigarh has become. I've shot there recently. Believe me, it is no longer a small town. And besides Ayushmann has spent most of his life in Delhi.So his sensibilities are very urban.I had great fun shooting with him.`


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