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Sunny Leone now allergic to her past

Sunny Leon the Indian-American hot actress now residing in Mumbai is allergic to discuss her past. Once you meet her, you realise that beneath the sizzling aura, lives a woman next door, with simple aspirations and dreams in life. 
She says that she is scared of the right wing activists who had opposed her Nagpur visit. She says `It's sad that some people need to resort to violence to get their point across. I don't expect this from this country at all. It's disappointing. But, what can you do? We had to take it seriously and we called off our visit to Indore as I'm concerned about the security of my associates.`
Despite the threat Sunny visited Jaipur, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, and now she was heading to Bhopal. `Why should I stop if somebody is trying to bring me down? I feel people at large want to see me. I think we should go on doing our work. I just want to tell those who threatened me not to worry, pals! It's just a movie. Watch it, enjoy it and relax. Come on! Just put it all in perspective. It's just fiction; it's not happening in reality. It shouldn't be taken that seriously.`

Sunny says that she believes it's everybody's right to hold on to their culture, their ideology and the way they have been brought up. But, I must say that the kind of response I am getting is phenomenal. It's very positive. People are open to let me in their cities and their hearts. Baby Doll wouldn't have been number one, if I was unacceptable to people.`.


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