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Sunny Leone claims to have monogamous relationship

Ekta Kapoor and Sunny Leone have a lot in common. They are both strong, emotional and focussed with high self-esteem.It wasn't shocking when Ekta agreed to an interview with Sunny. Just ahead of 'Ragini MMS2', in a conversation with newsmen, and it was discovered why these two women make a good jodi and how there is more to Sunny than hot. Excerpts:

Ekta made it clear that she loved the unknown. Since childhood, she has been a spiritual person and somewhere within astrology and numerology, she knows there is the unknown. She believe in it. She believes in energy and in vibes. When you believe in the positive energy, you also have to believe in negative energy and she says that there are some energies which are unsatisfied. There are lives which are stuck between life and death or there are people who have not finished their karmic cycle. All these beliefs make horror extremely interesting, dark, dogma and delicious. Horror is the most delicious form of fear and there are horror freaks all over the world. Her whole family, of course, hates horror and her mom has told her that she will not be seeing Ragini MMS2 and will bless her from a distance only.
On the other hand started watching horror probably earlier than I should have, but I do like it. When she leave the house, she leaves the lights on, so that when I come back, I don't have to come back to a dark house. When she is alone, she keep the lights on in every single room. She sees horror as a form of enjoyment, watching it, getting scared and then laughing at yourself seeing yourself getting scared. It's still great fun.

Sunny maintains that she has a monogamous relationship with her husband. She does not have physical relationship with men or women outside her marriage. She has a normal husband- wife loving relationship and she would like to keep it that way. For all the wives out there, she wants to tell them that she doesn't want their husband at all. She has a nice one who is hot and attractive, who walks around the house with openly nothing on at all. Her husband Daniel and she are completely in love and he, too, is a one-woman man. He is really shy. I just sit back and watch when women hit on my husband.


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