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Movie Review: 'Bewakoofiyaan' takes off with beauty, but deflates in the end

Cast: Sonam Kapoor, Ayushmann Khurrana, Rishi Kapoor

Direction: Nupur Asthana

So far we the cineastes' have become habitual of seeing the movies belonging to a conventional spectrum of movie making, but at times comes the opportunities where we get an opportunity of seeing the cine flicks belonging to a somewhat different ilk. And undoubtedly recently released Ayushmann, Sonam and Rishi starrer `Bewakoofiyaan` up till some extent belongs to the league, where movie's director Nupur Asthana has tried to present a stereotypical "love and the hard times" kind of cine idea by amalgamating it with a newfangled cine concept of "love in the times of recession".
Premise of `Bewakoofiyaan` showcases the love story of a young couple, which literally topples when due to recession when the lad ends up being jobless, and what adds to the plight of our Mr Cool on the centre stage is the steep task of impressing a conservative bureaucrat dad of his lady love.

As the plot of `Bewakoofiyaan` takes off, it showcases the romance of a perfect 'made for each other' kind of couple, Mohit Chaddha (Ayushmann Khuraana) a marketing maven employed with an airline company who is sacked from his job soon after the onset of recession and his banker lady love Mayera Sehgal (Sonam Kapoor). With frames rolling ahead Mohit meets Mayera's father V.K. Sehgal (Rishi Kapoor) a curmudgeonly bureaucrat, who firmly believes that that it's beyond the affordability of a middle class executive to keep his daughter happy. Although Mohit tries to impress his snobbish would be father-in-law, but his life's rushing on the wrong track keeps on adding to his plight. So does Mohit succeeds in winning Mayera, or does his jobless status imposes on him the loveless status too, to know watch Ayushmann, Sonam and Rishi's Bewakoofiyaan. 

Well as far as premise of `Bewakofiyaan` is concerned then Nupur Astana has certainly done some smart alterations in this otherwise antiquated plot, where the leading man is assigned with the task of winning the heart of his lady love's father, despite undergoing a phase of financial depression.

In fact it won't be wrong to say that primarily it's the adept writing ability of, Habib Faisal which throughout the run-time keeps the viewers involved in the onscreen happenings. And besides what deserves a bunch of commendations is, Habibs focussed writing which in no manner tries to incorporate any redundant condiment in the storyline.

Certainly Habib has not come up with something never seen before of a kind, but yes it's the unscrambleness of `Bewakoofiyaan` which up till some extent succeeds in leaving an impact. 

Garnished with fragrant toppings like strategically created intelligent humour, and near to life factors, plot of `Bewakoofiyaan` despite being a simple love story succeeds in leaving a pleasing the cine enthusiasts.

But yeah despite stories being an impressive cine experience for major duration, one can't overlook some of the major flaws of the movie like 'high degree of predictability, throughout the run time and 'melodrama', which pops up just couple of minutes before the culmination which up till great extent adversely impacts the ongoing blissful cine experience. 

In the scripting department, dialogue writer Leepakshi Ellawadi picked up the spirit of `Bewakoofiyaan` quite aptly and with some smartly tailored dialogues has quite adroitly added to the overall stateliness of the movie. 

As far as the screenplay of Bewakoofiyaan is concerned then that remains top notch during the major part of run time i.e. in the first half and for initial part of second half, but somewhere down the line starts appearing like a `tempest in a teapot` due to the poking in of some melodramatic sequences just before the culmination. But on the whole it's a praiseworthy effort on Nupur's part.

Cinematography of Neha Parti is thoroughly convincing, whereas sharp editing of Antara Lahiri is al dente.

Music of Raghu Dixit is just OK, with some very average and passable tracks Bewakoofiyaan's music doesn't have much to offer. At last but not the least, the performances, well it won't be wrong to say that `Bewakoofiyaan` completely rests upon the shoulders of its two out the three protagonists on the centre stage i.e. Ayushmann and Rishi Kapoor. On the one hand it's the flamboyant charm of the former, whereas on the other it's the stupendous acting prowess of the latter, which keeps you indulged in the onscreen events. 

Some may feel that by slipping under the skin of similar kind of characters, Ayushmann, remains prone to pestilence of typecasting, but on the hind side, another thing which can't be denied is that had it been some other performer then probably `Bewakoofiyaan` would have succumbed to its shortcomings. In fact it's the spontaneity and flamboyant charisma of, Ayushmann which up till great extent saves `Bewakoofiyaan` from ending up being a run of mill kind of cine delight. With his performance as curmudgeonly father Rishi has once again proved that, he can make any of his onscreen characters lovable, and has got magnificent ability of establishing marvellous onscreen camaraderie with his co-stars irrespective of their generation.

Besides these two, Sonam has looked no different from her previous avatars and despite being the only leading lady of the movie fails in attaining, what she could have through her performance. Gurpal Singh as Rishi Kapoor's subordinate and Pratap Hada as Ayushmann's friend Immy perform well despite having a limited scope of performance.

As far as BO potential of `Bewakoofiyaan` is concerned then the movie has got a quite limited scope of making a dent on BO, but due to the prevailing legacy of, Ayushmann and following holidays it may end up making a decent moolah at the ticket window. 

To sum up, with the brewing of magnificent onscreen chemistry between Ayushmann and obviously Rishi Kapoor, `Bewakoofiyaan` undoubtedly takes off with a gusto and for major duration of its run time keeps you charmed, but it's the poking in of melodrama just before the culmination which plays the spoil sport and deflates the overall appeal of this otherwise simple yet enjoyable cine flick. Therefore I am going ahead with 2.5 stars for this one time watch cine cantata.


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