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Mithu Mukhopadhyay

Mithu Mukhopadhay was born in Kolkata on June 19th, 1955.
Her father’s name is Samar Mukhopadhay. She studied in St. Thomas School. Her uncle was familiar to producer K. L Kapoor. Kapoor gave her a break in films. She made her debut in film “Sesh Parba” in the yea 1972 directed by Chitta Basu.

Her first hit film was “Marzina Abdullah”. She acted in the role of Marzina, where Rabi Ghosh performed as Abdullah. It was in the year 1973. She acted in “Mouchak” where she was casted against Ranjit Mallick. That pair was so well received by the audience in the year 1975, she was once again casted against Ranjit Mallick in the yea 1976 in the film “Shayam Siddha”. This was a major success in her career.

She became producer in the year 1990. At the age of 35, she performed as a leading lady of “Ashrita” produced by her. This film was super hit. Her other major films were, “Hotel Snowfox”, “Father”, “Bhagya Chakra” etc. She has also acted in Hindi films.


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