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Kahaani 2 Trailer

‘Kahaani 2’ trailer released

How do you dare is asking about my pregnancy?

How could you tell me I could not get pregnant?

Soha reacts on Kareena's pregnancy

Soha Ali Khan reacts badly on Kareena Kapoor Khan’s pregnancy

Antara Biswas in Bigg Boss 10

I will make myself watchable to Salman Khan

Ranbir Kapoor is Aradhya's dad

Ranbir Kapoor is Aradhya’s dad not Abhishek Bachchan

Bathing scene of SRK goes viral on social media

Shahrukh Khan’s bathing goes viral in social media

Aish and Ranbir looks hot in promotional photo shot

Ranbir and Aish is busy to take hot photo shot outside of big screen.